How can I transfer my CNA license from Tennessee to Missouri?

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asked in License by Tina
I have a CNA license in the state of Tennessee and I want to transfer it to Missouri. What do I need to do? Do I need to obtain a Reciprocity Application from the state of Tennessee and then fill out and send it to the state of Missouri? Also, my name has changed so do I take care of that first?

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answered by Robin
You need to start with reporting your name change prior to applying for reciprocity. A name change request must be made in writing to the Tennessee nurse aide registry. You will need to send a legible copy of a legal document that shows the change in name. Acceptable documents to copy include a marriage or a divorce certificate, or some other court order document. You must also include a copy of your social security number and your current name. Send the written change of name request, and copies of the required documents to the Tennessee nurse aide registry. You can contact the Tennessee Department of Health at 615-532-5171.

After your name has been updated on the Tennessee registry you may apply for certification in Missouri. The state of Missouri requires that each out-of-state CNA challenge and pass the Missouri CNA exam in order to become certified. You need to submit copies of the following documents: a copy of your Tennessee license, a copy of your social security card, a work verification document showing you have worked for a minimum of eight (8) hours every 2 years from certification, as well as a return address and a phone number where you can be reached.

If the Tennessee nurse aide registry keeps a record of your employment, the work verification proof is not necessary. I did not find an application for transferring an out-of-state certification to Missouri. You should contact the Missouri Nurse Aide Registry at 573-526-5686 and ask if an application or letter is required for transferring.