How can I transfer my CNA license to New Hampshire?

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I am looking to transfer my certification from a different state because I just recently moved to New Hampshire. I am not having luck finding the information online and was wondering if someone was able to help.

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answered by Melissa R.

The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 contained provisions designed to assure delivery of quality care to long-term care facility residents. Federal regulations require each state to establish and maintain a nurse aide registry. The NH Nursing Assistant Registry is a list of individuals who have completed training and competency evaluation who the state finds to be competent to function as a nursing assistant. Successful completion of an approved nursing assistant program and a competency test (state testing) identifies an individual as being competent to function as a nursing assistant.

The registry includes the individual’s full name, identifying information, the date the individual became eligible for placement on the registry and any finding of abuse, neglect or misappropriation of property by the individual. "Not Licensed, Registry Only" means that you have been placed on the NH Nursing Assistant Registry. Licensure is not required to be placed on the NA Registry. Nursing assistant licensure is stated separately with a license number and status.

New Hampshire has a mandatory licensing law. No person may practice as a licensed nursing assistant (LNA) without a current NH license. The Board of Nursing defines "practicing" as including attendance at orientation or completing other types of care activities. There are three main ways you can use to qualify for an initial NH nursing assistant license.

If you were never licensed as a nursing assistant in New Hampshire, you may request licensure by endorsement as long as you hold an active nursing assistant license, certification or registration in another state. You have to:

  • complete the application for New Hampshire Nursing Assistant License by Endorsement,
  • attach a copy of your out-of-state CNA license or certificate,
  • send a request for verification of all out-of-state registrations,
  • complete the contact hour documentation form (200 hours of active practice under APRN, RN or LPN supervision within 2 years AND 12 contact hours of continuing education per year for a total of 24 hours within 2 years OR written and clinical testing within the past 2 years),
  • comply with the background check requirements and pay the required fee as instructed in the application,
  • attach a check or money order for the required endorsement fee.

You can find all the forms you need as well as instructions in this document. The NH Board of Nursing does not send paper licenses and does not notify applicants when licensed, however, you can verify your status online. You may contact the NH Board of Nursing at (603) 271-6282 or by email at with additional questions about the endorsement process.