How do I transfer my license from North Dakota to Wisconsin?

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asked in License by Kensie M.
I was just wondering since I am originally from North Dakota and have received my CNA license there, which only required me to have 76 hours of training, how would I go about getting the other 44 hours needed for me to become a CNA in Wisconsin? Would I have to take the whole course over again or could I just take to 44 hours that I need to qualify to take the oral and written exam?

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answered by Jennifer

The state of Wisconsin requires that CNAs complete a training program of 120 hours. An out-of-state nurse aide listed on her state's registry in good standing, who has completed less than 120 hours of training, may qualify for placement on the Wisconsin CNA registry if certain requirements are met.

First you must have 2,088 hours of documented work as a CNA in the previous 24 months in your current state. The second requirement is that your CNA examination was similar in requirements to that administered in Wisconsin. If this is not the case then you may be required to pass the CNA exam in Wisconsin. To apply for placement on the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry, you must complete an Out-of-State Application.