How do I switch my CNA license from Mississippi to South Dakota?

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South Dakota administrative rules state the following:

44:74:02:23. Registry status by endorsement. A nurse aide seeking registry status by endorsement from another state registry shall submit to the department the following information:

  1. A completed application;
  2. Written documentation indicating successful completion of another state's approved nurse aide training and competency evaluation program;
  3. Verification of initial listing on the nurse aide registry in another state;
  4. Verification of listing on a nurse aide registry from the state of most recent employment; and
  5. Documentation of employment as a nurse aide within the last 24 consecutive months.

A CNA who is certified in another state and wishes to be included on the South Dakota CNA Registry needs to print, complete and submit the CNA interstate endorsement application. The application specifies all the steps and instructions you need to successfully complete the endorsement process.