How do I transfer my CNA license to Tennessee?

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asked in License by Tracy B.
I moved from Indiana and I need to transfer my CNA license. I moved to Tennessee a month ago, and when I called my home state which is Indiana they told me that I had to ask for the reciprocity form, so I am completely confused. I just want to work at my chosen profession which is as a CNA. Where can I get the application to transfer from Indiana to Tennessee? Any help would be appreciated.

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Anyone who is certified in another state may request to have their CNA certification transferred to Tennessee. To qualify for reciprocity to Tennessee, you must have an active certification in the state you wish to transfer from with no abuse or other derogatory information listed. The State of Tennessee does not charge a fee associated with the process of reciprocity, however, the registry in the state where you are currently listed may require a processing fee. Please note that you must complete a Tennessee Nurse Aide Training Program and pass the Tennessee Competency Evaluation if you are certified in North Carolina or Florida.

To start the transfer process, you have to print and fill out a form called the Verification of Out-Of-State Nurse Aide Registration Application which you can find here. You must complete the first part of this form and attach copies of your Social Security card and a form of identification such as a driver's license, passport, or other photo identification in the areas indicated on the second part. After checking that all the information you provided is clear, accurate, and complete, return the entire application to the Tennessee Nurse Aide Registry at the address listed in the document. The application for reciprocity will not be processed if it is incomplete, illegible or includes false representations. If you are qualified, your name will be placed on the Tennessee CNA Registry when the following is complete:

  • All pertinent information is verified as true and correct.
  • Your CNA certification is verified from the state where you are currently registered.
  • The state nurse aide registry verifies you are eligible for placement on the registry.

For additional information or help with the transfer of your CNA license you may call the Department of Health, Division of Health Licensure and Regulation at 615-532-5171 or at 800-778-4504. Notification of placement on the Tennessee Nurse Aide Registry will be mailed to the address you provided on the verification form if you qualify for reciprocity.