Is my nurse aide license valid in Tennessee?

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asked in License by Rebecca H.
I was told by my instructor that reciprocity should automatically cover for Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Louisiana, and Texas. Is this true or do I have to fill out the form and re-register in the appropriate state?
commented by Velma Lewis
I also need information on trying to transfer my CNA license from Illinois to Tennessee.

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As far as I know, there is no automatic transfer of a CNA certification to or out of the state of Tennessee. The Verification of Out-Of-State Nurse Aide Registration application must be completed by every individual requesting transfer of their CNA certification to Tennessee. You can find the application here. Your certification must be listed as active and in good standing with no abuse or other derogatory information in the state you wish to transfer from. Tennessee does not charge for transferring your license but the registry in the state where you are currently certified might require a verification fee.

Complete part one of the application for reciprocity, include a copy of your social security card and of a photo ID card where indicated in part two then mail the application to the Tennessee Nurse Aide Registry for processing at the address indicated on the application. You need to make sure that the information on the form is legible, correct and complete otherwise your application for reciprocity will not be processed.

Your name is placed on the Tennessee Nurse Aide Registry after the Division of Health Licensure and Regulation checks that all the information you submitted is correct and that you are eligible to be listed on the registry by verifying your certification status from the state where you are currently registered. If you meet all the requirements for reciprocity, your name will be placed on the Tennessee Nurse Aide Registry and you will be notified by mail to the address you provided on the application. CNAs from North Carolina and Florida must retrain and take the competency evaluation in Tennessee in order to become certified. You can contact the Tennessee CNA Registry directly at 615-532-5171 if you need additional help with the process.