How can you verify that someone is a CNA?

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I have an applicant with a certificate stating that she is a nursing assistant. I would like to know if this is the same as a CNA.

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answered by Joann M.

The Arkansas Nursing Assistant Registry contains the names of nursing assistants who have either successfully completed both portions of the Nursing Assistant Competency Exam or who have met other requirements for nursing assistant certification established by Arkansas.

Nursing assistants with administrative findings or convictions for resident abuse, neglect or misappropriation of resident property will remain on the registry with the findings placed in their record. These findings or convictions make the nursing assistant ineligible for employment in any Arkansas long term care facility. Findings and convictions are public information and are disclosed to anyone who calls to verify an individual’s standing on the registry. The state of Arkansas also retains information on criminal background checks in the registry. Nursing assistants with disqualifying criminal backgrounds will be ineligible to work in an Arkansas nursing home.

You may verify the status of a certified nursing assistant by calling the Arkansas automated registry service at 501-682-8484 or online on this web page. For additional help please contact the Arkansas Office of Long Term Care Nursing Assistant Training Program by phone at 501-320-6461 or email .