Can anyone recommend a good, non-athletic, no laces shoe I can wear at work?

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asked in Work by kathynoel
I wear orthotics because I have flat feet.

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answered by Joann M.
I absolutely love Dankso XP clogs. Your feet will hurt a bit once you've been in them for 12 hours straight and sometimes you may get blisters, however, I have tried other shoes and my feet felt horrible. That being said, I don’t have flat feet and not every footwear works for everybody since we have different foot sizes, needs, and style preferences. I would not buy the shoes online at first. You should go to a quality shoe store that sells different brands to find a pair you like. It is really trial and error because everyone's foot comfort is different and trying them on in the store it’s not like walking the floors at work. Once you find a pair that is comfortable and lasts you can shop around online for better prices.