Is it possible to have a valid certification in two states at the same time?

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asked in License by Tracey W.
I currently work in Illinois as a CNA, but I am looking to move to Arizona. I saw from someone else's question the form I should fill out, but I still want to be active in Illinois until I get the job in Arizona. They only hire if you have current state certification. How do I keep my CNA certification in Illinois, yet get it transferred to Arizona for the job searches?

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answered by Julie
A certified nursing assistant in one state may apply for certification by endorsement/reciprocity in a new state. If the application is accepted and all the endorsement/reciprocity criteria are met, then you will hold a CNA certificate in more than one state. Both certificates are valid and you are eligible to work in both states. You can verify this information by calling the Nurse Aide Registries of both states.