Why doesn't my certificate include my glucose monitoring and insulin admin?

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asked in Registry by Krissa Scraper
I renewed my certification today, but I don't see proof of additional training on the card.

1 Answer

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answered by Velma Lewis

As far as I know, if you have a Certified Medication Technician (CMT) certificate or Insulin Administration (IA) certificate, these certifications are considered active when you have have active CNA status. If you let your CNA status become inactive or expired then the certifications are also inactive or expired. When you regain active CNA status, the CMT and IA certifications will also be considered active.

To get a copy of your CNA, CMT, LIMA or Insulin Administration certificate, you may contact the certifying association that issued your certificate. If you do not know which certifying association issued your certificate you may call the Missouri Health Education Unit at 573-526-5686 or go to the CNA Registry Search page and find out which certifying association printed your certificate.