Is there a way to transfer my nurse aide certification to Alabama?

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asked in License by Kimberly Johns

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answered by Emily B.
Certified nursing assistants from other states who wish to work in Alabama may transfer their certification as long as they have active status and are listed in good standing on the registry of their state. The transfer process begins only after the individual gets hired by and works for a nursing home in Alabama.

The only way you can get on the Alabama CNA Registry from another state is to apply for a job at a nursing home.  Once hired, your certification must be verified and placement made on the Alabama Nurse Aide Registry. You must have an active certification in the state you are transferring from with no validated allegations of abuse against you.

If you want to do home health work and not work in a nursing home, the CNA Registry cannot transfer you. The only other way to get on the Alabama CNA Registry is for you to take an approved CNA program with clinicals and pass the state/federal tests (both written and skills).

An individual listed on another state’s Nurse Aide Registry with validated findings of resident abuse, resident neglect, or misappropriation of resident property in a nursing home may not be employed as a nurse aide in Alabama nursing facilities.

I include contact information for the Alabama Nurse Aide Registry below in case you need additional guidance.

Alabama Certified Nurse Aide Registry
Phone: 334-206-5169
Fax: 334-206-0361