Is it better to start as a CNA or LVN?

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I am trying to get some information on where to start in the health care profession.

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If you are planning to become a nurse in the future, it is a good idea to see if this field is right for you. What better way to see if you like this field than to become a certified nurse aide? As a CNA you will mainly provide assistance with activities of daily living, but you will learn to become a good communicator and observer. Having these skills prior to enrolling in a nursing program will make you more comfortable in both the classroom and clinical setting.

CNA training programs are relatively short, and courses may be completed in about six weeks. You can find a job and start earning money while you complete the pre-requisite courses necessary to enroll in a nursing program.

In addition, some LVN and RN programs give enrollment priority to those who have first obtained their CNA certification. LVNs are paid better but the program usually takes one year to complete and is much more expensive than a CNA class. Overall, I think it is a good idea to complete a nursing assistant course prior to enrolling in a nursing program, but ultimately this decision is yours to make.