Can an LPN be registered as a CNA in another state?

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asked in Certification by anonymous
LPN in North Carolina and CNA in West Virginia

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answered by Abby Langlois
This is a great question but a complicated one. First, you need to pass the CNA exams even if you are a licensed nurse and even if you want to work in the same state. You can certainly be registered as a CNA in West Virginia but being allowed to work as one is a different matter because of your higher degree. It may seem common sense that since LPN is a higher license than CNA, that you could work as a CNA at any time especially since you are required to pass the CNA exams anyway.

Unfortunately things aren’t always so simple, and states differ in how they treat this situation. The short answer to your question is that some states allow it, some do not, and some have additional requirements such as for example holding you to the standards of an LPN even though you might work and be paid as a CNA. You may contact the West Virginia Nurse Aide Registry at 304-558-0050 for additional help.