Can an out-of-state CNA program graduate obtain certification in North Carolina?

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asked in Certification by Denise
I have a nursing assistant student that is completing her training here in Wisconsin and planning to move to North Carolina. What is the process for her to be certified in this state?

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answered by Debra S.

To obtain certification, an individual needs to take and pass the North Carolina nurse aide I exam. The state of North Carolina allows individuals to challenge the nursing assistant exam and no proof of training is necessary to register and take the test. Candidates must pass both portions of the exam within two years from taking the first test or three attempts, whichever comes first, in order to be placed on the North Carolina Nurse Aide I Registry. Failure to do so will require training at a North Carolina state-approved training program or community college refresher course and retesting of both portions of the examination.

The exam application can be found here: Application for Registration by Competency Examination.

Test sites and schedules can be found here: North Carolina NNAAP Regional Test Sites and Test Schedules.

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