Do I have to take the class and test again if I was licensed but I let it expire?

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asked in License by Michelle W.
Do you need to take the whole course again if you were licensed before but your LNA license expired? It has been about 10 years and I am still doing nursing. I live in and work in Vermont.

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answered by Tamara
A nursing assistant license must be renewed every two years in Vermont. The Active Practice Requirement in Vermont is that a nursing assistant must provide evidence of having practiced a minimum of 50 days (400 hours) in the last two years for paid compensation. Eight hours are equivalent to one day of nursing practice. Nursing assistant in this context, means an individual, regardless of title, who performs nursing or nursing related functions under the supervision of a licensed nurse. Even though you have worked in nursing, you failed to renew your license and your credentials have expired.

I believe that you do have to enroll and complete a new nursing assistant training program as well as pass the examination in order to get your license reinstated. To verify this and to get additional information on how to proceed you can contact the Vermont Board of Nursing at 802-828-2819 or at 802-828-2396.