How do I go about renewing my lapsed license?

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asked in License by Amie
I completed the CNA course and received my license 7 years ago I believe. I was a licensed CNA in Wisconsin however, I never kept this license up. How do I go about getting relicensed? Do I just need to take the CNA test again? Would I need to take the written and skills test, or just the written test?

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answered by Krista Upson

To return a lapsed certificate to active status you must challenge and pass both parts of the test. You need to complete the application for competency evaluation, and then schedule and pass the Wisconsin CNA exam. Successfully passing the test results in recertification. The application can be found here (your eligibility is E5 - nurse aide whose registration has lapsed): National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) Application for Competency Evaluation. Once you receive the approval to test, you may choose a test site from a list of available locations. A list of current testing locations may be found here: Wisconsin NNAAP Regional Test Sites and Test Schedules.