How do I get a copy of my Texas CNA license?

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asked in Registry by Telena
I lost my original CNA certificate and I can't work without it. How do I get another copy of my CNA certification card?
commented by Casey L.
My wallet was recently stolen along with my Texas CNA certification card. How can I get a replacement card?

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answered by Jo-Ann

If you lose your wallet identification card, you may request another copy by completing the appropriate form using the online system or you may contact a Pearson VUE customer service agent at 866-377-0252 to request a duplicate card.

If you need a copy of your certificate then you must complete a form requesting the reprinting of your nursing assistant certificate called “Texas Nurse Aide Registry Request for Reprint of Certificate and/or Correction to Nurse Aide Registry Data”. The completed application along with a clear copy of a form of identification need to be sent to the Texas nurse aide registry. You may find the application and instructions here. Download the form to your computer and open it with the recommended software if you only get a “Please wait... ” message when trying to view the document. Make sure to read all the instructions and submit copies of the required documents along with the application.