How do I renew my expired Texas CNA license?

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asked in License by K. Anderson
I reside in Texas and received my CNA license in 1991. It has expired, how do I renew it? Can you please post a phone number where I can verbally speak to someone?
commented by Joann M.
My Texas CNA certificate is from 1-12-1994. Back then we were told that our certificate did not expire, true or false? I have been asked to take care of a 2 year old that is developmentally delayed. I am a foster mom and do have CPR and first aid training. What do I need to get my certificate current or is it still good from 1994?

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answered by Julie

Texas nursing assistant certificates do not show an expiration date. In general, employers will require that you present your certificate so that they may make a copy for their files, however, whether or not you are employable depends upon the current status of your certification. If you are not in "active" status on the Texas Nurse Aide Registry, you are not employable even if you have a copy of your certificate.

Even though there is no expiration date printed on the actual certificate, your CNA certification does actually expire if you do not work as a nurse aide for a period longer than two years. To maintain active status on the Texas nurse aide registry you need to report your employment as a paid nursing assistant at least every two years. If your license status shows "expired" then you are currently not employable as a nurse aide in a licensed nursing facility in the state of Texas.

To renew registry status, a nurse aide must provide verification of qualifying employment. If you need to change your status on the registry from expired to active and you are unable to show proof of qualifying employment then you must take and pass the Texas CNA exam again. First you need to fill out an application and then submit to a background check. The application you need to complete is the Request to Retest for Nurse Aides in Expired Status. Follow the instructions and send the completed application as well as any copies of required documents to the Texas Nurse Aide Registry.

In Texas, a  nurse aide renewing a certification must complete at least 24 hours of in-service education every two years that includes training in geriatrics and the care of residents with a dementia disorder, including Alzheimer’s disease. In-service education requirements are subject to audit so be prepared to submit in-service certificates if contacted. You may check the status of your certification by calling the Texas Nurse Aide Registry at 512-438-2050 or you can search the online registry. If you call, you need to follow the prompts and enter your social security number when asked to.

Please note that you will not be allowed to take the test if you are listed as unemployable on the Texas Employee Misconduct Registry (EMR) or if you are found to have a conviction of a criminal offense listed in Texas Health and Safety Code, §250.006. Nurse Aide Registry staff will complete the EMR check, however, you must obtain a criminal history check from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).