Is an accelerated course as good as a traditional one?

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asked in Training by Tracey C.

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answered by Hillary
Accelerated CNA programs have their benefits when compared to traditional courses. The obvious advantage is that it takes a shorter amount of time to complete an accelerated nurse aide course than a traditional program. Students who are quick learners and have good study habits or have previous health care experience do very well in these type of programs. The cost of an accelerated training course is usually similar to that of traditional programs.

You should expect a very fast pace in both the classroom and the clinical setting. This can be hard for those who have no previous experience in the field. To cover the program curriculum in a short period of time, daily attendance may be necessary. For example, even though an accelerated CNA course may take only two weeks to complete, students must attend classes five days per week, for approximately six hours each day. If you are currently employed and wish to keep your job, this type of program may conflict with your current schedule.