How long does the course take and is financial aide available?

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I live in Fayetteville, NC and I would like to follow up with FSU or FTCC.

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answered by Velma Lewis
I am not aware of any CNA courses at FSU but Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) offers both Certified Nursing Assistant I and II courses. The CNA I course is 204 hours and takes between two and three months to complete while the CNA II course is 192 hours and lasts one and a half to two and a half months depending on the schedule you choose. Both courses include class, laboratory, and clinical learning experiences and students must be able to read and communicate in English effectively.

The purpose of a Nursing Assistant is to provide personal care and perform basic nursing skills for the elderly and other adults. During the Nursing Assistant I program, emphasis will be placed on the process of aging including mental, social, and physical needs of the elderly, patient rights, nutrition management, diseases/disorders, and human body structure and function, etc.

The Nursing Assistant II course prepares graduates to perform more complex skills for patients or residents regardless of the setting. Upon satisfactory completion of the course and skill/competency evaluation, the graduate is eligible to apply for listing as a Nurse Aide II with the North Carolina Board of Nursing Nurse Aide Registry. In all employment settings, the listed Nursing Assistant II will work under the direction and supervision of licensed personnel.

At FTCC pre-registration is required and the courses require the student to comply with FTCC immunization policy. Some clinical facilities also require a criminal background check prior to attending clinical rotation. If you cannot meet the criminal background check requirements, you will not be able to complete the program and will be dismissed from the course without a refund. An insurance fee is required to be paid prior to entering the clinical site. For a list of requirements and information on financial aid, please call 910-486-3923 or email FTCC at .

Under federal and North Carolina state laws, candidates employed as nurse aides in nursing homes that participate in Medicaid/Medicare programs are prohibited from paying their examination fees. Employers must pay the examination fee and any re-test fee for those candidates in their employ as nurse aides or candidates who have a written commitment or signed acceptance of employment on file in a Medicaid-certified nursing home. Candidates who become employed as a nurse aide by a Medicare/Medicaid skilled nursing facility within 12 months of successful completion of the competency evaluation may be reimbursed by the facility for training and competency testing costs, therefore you should save all receipts to submit to the skilled nursing employer later.