How do I renew my lapsed license in Pennsylvania?

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asked in License by Carrie L.
I took my CNA classes and obtained certification in 2009 in Wisconsin. In 2010 I moved to Pennsylvania and I had my certification transferred. In 2012 I was involved in a horrific car accident and did not get them renewed and would like to know how to go about doing that, since I am back in Pennsylvania to stay. Do I need to retake the training course and what is the closest place to retake the test if that's all I need?

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answered by Norma

You should be eligible to sit for the exam under the category E3 Lapsed Nurse Aide or E4 Lapsed Out-of-State Nurse Aide (see the link to the exam registration form below). An E-3 or E-4 candidate has only one opportunity to successfully pass the NNAAP Examination. If the examination is failed, you must complete nurse aide training again and reapply for the exam.

You may contact the American Red Cross at 800.795.2350 to find out if you are eligible to sit for the CNA certification exam in Pennsylvania without retraining. They can also help with questions about the exam application, scheduling, and test site availability. If you are eligible to sit for the certification exam then you have to complete the Pennsylvania Nurse Aide Program NNAAP Examination Registration form.

To find a list of regional test sites that are close to your location take a look at Pennsylvania NNAAP Regional Test Sites and Test Schedules.