How do I renew my certification in North Carolina?

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asked in License by Alishia C.
I want to renew my NC nurse aide I license but am not sure what to do. Any information that you can give me would be great.

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answered by Kathleen M.

Renewal is the aide's responsibility. Initially, Nurse Aide I listings expire 24 months after the date the aide passes competency evaluation. At listing renewal, Nurse Aide I listings expire two years after their latest reported qualified work date on the last day of the 24th month. Nurse Aide I registry listings may be renewed through qualified work experience completed by the aide every two years. To be qualified, the work must be all of the following:

  1. as a nurse aide
  2. for pay
  3. for a total of eight hours or more during the 24 month registry listing period
  4. supervised by a registered nurse

The following types of work do not qualify for Nurse Aide I listing renewal in North Carolina:

  1. work that is not delegated and supervised by an RN
  2. less than eight hours of cumulative qualified work time in two years
  3. employment dates on which the nurse aide did not actually work, even if on payroll such as when on medical leave
  4. work with no monetary compensation such as volunteer work
  5. sitter work
  6. periods of time when no direct aide tasks are performed such as orientation or extended leave of absence
  7. work that the RN supervisor cannot support with written documentation or facility records, or by personal supervision on and thereby knowledge of the employment date
  8. work that is outside the aide’s scope of practice

The North Carolina CNA registry mails a renewal form to nurse aides about three months before their listings expire. Both the aide and their supervisor must complete the form to report the qualified work experience. Upon receipt of qualified work verification, the registry will renew the nurse aide’s listing. The renewal lasts for 24 months from the most recent date reported on the renewal form on which the aide performed work that meets all of the individual requirements for his or her listing renewal. The expiration date falls at the end of the 24th month. The expiration date can be extended the most by reporting the latest qualified work experience. A nurse aide must work during every 24 month registry listing period to maintain his or her listing.

You may contact the registry at 919-855-3969 if you did not receive your renewal application on time or you can complete a request for a replacement renewal form to be sent to you by mail. Tips and instructions for completing the renewal form as well as a current renewal form sample with some common errors marked on it are available. The Nurse Aide I Registry does not charge listing or renewal fees.

If there is a 24-month period during which a Nurse Aide I does not perform qualified work or cannot document such work, the aide must retest or retrain and retest in order to renew. The state has contracted with Pearson VUE to offer state-approved Nurse Aide I competency testing and report candidate test results to the Nurse Aide I Registry. NACES Plus Foundation, Inc., works with Pearson VUE to administer tests.