How do I get a CNA license in South Carolina through endorsement?

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asked in Registry by Mary M. G.
I work for a nursing agency, and I need the information.

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answered by Kellie M.

Reciprocity is a process by which a certified nurse aide from another state may qualify for certification in South Carolina because of his or her certification status. You are eligible for reciprocity if you are a nurse aide in a state other than South Carolina in accordance with the competency evaluation requirements, and if you are currently listed on another state’s registry as active and in good standing. You must have completed, at a minimum, a 100-hour basic state-approved nurse aide course, including clinical hours, in order to be placed on the South Carolina Nurse Aide Registry.

Nurse aides from out of state who are eligible for and are seeking reciprocity should complete an online reciprocity application. Access the South Carolina Nurse Aides Credential Manager and create an account, then complete the South Carolina reciprocity application. Unless you were placed on your state registry within the previous 24 months, verification of your paid employment as a nurse aide within the previous 24 months such as a copy of a W2 form or a pay stub from your employer might be required.

Proof of completing the basic nurse aide course showing a minimum of 100 hours such as the certificate or diploma you received, a transcript or a notarized letter on school letterhead stating a 100-hour state-approved basic nurse aide course was completed might also be needed. In order to transfer your CNA license to South Carolina you will need sufficient proof of your training hours and some CNAs are having a difficult time with the documentation. The South Carolina registry cannot accept in-service hours as proof of training. If you are having trouble meeting this requirement I would advise that you look through all of your old papers and files to see if it turns up or contact the CNA registry of your state to see if they have a record of the training you received as that might serve as proof.

Follow the instructions and when all your documents are verified, you will either receive your nurse aide registry certificate and your name will be placed on the South Carolina Nurse Aide Registry, or a denial letter indicating that additional information is required to complete the process. There is no fee for certification by reciprocity.

If you are placed on the South Carolina CNA registry, your certification expiration date is retained from the state in which you were originally certified. Once you receive your certification by reciprocity, your name will be on the South Carolina Nurse Aide Registry and the state registry in which you were originally certified.