How do I check my status with the Nurse Aide Registry in the state of Massachusetts?

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In order to access the most current information on initial certifications or renewals since January 2014 when the Massachusetts Nurse Aide Registry began the process of replacing existing certification numbers for aides who were renewing their certification, and issuing newly certified aides unique certification numbers that always begin with the letters “CNA”, you may use the Massachusetts Health Care Safety and Quality License Verification Site. You may also call the registry at (617) 753-8144.

The department maintains a registry of:

  • individuals certified as nurse aides pursuant to federal long term care facility regulations, and

  • all certified nursing assistants, home health aides, hospice home health aides, and homemakers who have a finding or adjudicated finding of patient abuse, neglect, mistreatment or misappropriation.

The website allows you to check your license status, expiration date, license number and other information. Select “Nurse Aide Registry” from the profession menu and “Certified Nurse Aide” for the license type and enter your name or license number. On the search results page click on your name to see your license status, expiration date and other details. Accessing the nurse aide registry through the license verification website will not create a permanent record of your registry check.

Facilities and agencies must contact the nurse aide registry before hiring individuals. This provision was previously in effect for Medicare and Medicaid certified facilities and currently applies to all nursing homes, rest homes, home health agencies, homemaker agencies and hospice programs. In order to facilitate the verification process, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health has established an automated voice response system through which potential employers may inquire as to the status of a potential employee. When an inquiry is filed, the automated voice response system will respond by stating the present status of the potential employee. A written response with complete information about the individual is then sent to the inquiring organization by fax. While the transition of the Nurse Aide Registry continues, facilities and agencies must check all aides with the phone system first before proceeding to the license verification website.