How can I correct my SSN on the registry?

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asked in Registry by jhurd23
I have my CNA license but my Social Security number is not correct on the registry and my employer is waiting for the background check verification.

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answered by Adriana

In order to correct the mistake you need to contact the Illinois CNA registry. They will let you know if you need to submit any documents that show the correct SSN. You may:

  • submit a written request to Illinois Department of Public Health, Health Care Worker Registry 525 W. Jefferson Street, Springfield , IL 62761
  • e-mail the registry at
  • call the registry’s help desk at 217-785-5133 from 8:30 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday.

Afterward, you may access the registry’s web site to check that the correct SSN is associated with your name. You can do this by using the “Validate SSN” link on the page that shows your record.