Do I qualify for CNA renewal in Nebraska if I work as a Restorative Aide?

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asked in License by anonymous
I have went through my CNA course and passed my test back in May. I currently am employed in a hospital and my role is that of a Restorative Aide, I help out our therapy department, but I work on our PCU as well. I give showers to patients and I answer call lights all of the time. I need to know if this job will qualify as a CNA job so I will not have to retake the test after the period of time when my license expires if not working.

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answered by Abby Langlois
Unfortunately it seems you need to work as a nurse aide in the 24 months preceding your renewal in order to qualify. If not, you may have to retest to reactivate. You can verify this information by calling the Nebraska Nurse Aide Registry Licensure Unit at 402-471-4971.