As an RN student, how could I get a CNA certification?

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asked in Certification by Kenji
One year ago I enrolled in an RN program in Miami and I will like to work as CNA for a while. What do I need as an RN student to get a CNA license?

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answered by Emily Fechtler

Even though you are enrolled in an RN program, you have to pass both the written and the performance exams to be certified as a nursing assistant in the state of Florida. The only exception to this is for approved reciprocity candidates. In Florida, a state-approved training program is not required prior to examination. A high school diploma or its equivalent, or be 18 years of age, is required if you are challenging the exam without completion of an approved training program.

The CNA examination is a two part examination consisting of a written and a performance (skills) section. The written test is a ninety (90) minute test with sixty (60) multiple-choice questions written in English. An oral or Spanish test may be requested for the written test if you have difficulty reading English and you must ask for it when you submit your application. The manual skills evaluation requires you to perform five (5) randomly selected nursing assistant skills. The exam application and candidate information bulletins are available through the state’s contracted test administrator, Prometric.

You must pass both the clinical skills and written exams within two years of your first test date. If you do not pass both exams within two years, you will have to take both exams again to be certified because test results more than two years old are not considered valid. In addition, if you fail either the clinical skills or written exam three times in that two-year period, you will be required to attend a state approved training program before testing on both parts of the exam again.

The Florida Board of Nursing must approve the results of the background screening before you can be tested to get your certification and be placed on the CNA Registry. The board may request more information about any criminal offenses listed on the background screening results. Once you have passed both parts of the CNA exam and completed all necessary paperwork, the Florida Board of Nursing will send you your certificate and your name will be placed on the Florida CNA Registry. The process to be added to the CNA registry after board approval takes from three to five weeks.