Where can I get an application for reinstatement of CNA license?

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asked in License by Cheryl Lange
I am in the process of bringing my RN license up to date, but would like to work as a CNA while doing this. I want to know if an application can be mailed to me. I will be working in Northeast Nebraska.

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answered by Jennifer

In order to stay active on the registry you must work as a nurse aide in a paid position within 24 months of last date of previous employment as a CNA. A nurse aide whose status is lapsed may reactivate his or her registration by retaking the written/oral and clinical exams. In order to retest you have to contact one of these post secondary education providers approved to do re-competency testing. You may need to give them a copy of the screen print of your “verification of registry.” Go to this website and follow instructions. The “verification of registry” informs the program personnel that you are eligible to retest.

Completion of both the written and clinical exams may occur on the same day but it may take up to three weeks to update your records after successful completion of exams. Nebraska nurse aides who took a 30-hour nurse aide course prior to 1989 and were "grandfathered" onto the registry are not eligible to retest. In this case, the nurse aide is required to take the 75-hour nurse aide course. You may contact the Nebraska Nurse Aide Registry for additional information or guidance.