Where can I get the application for the CNA exam in MA?

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You are required to submit three things to request a test if you have completed a state-approved nurse aide training program and would like to become certified or were previously certified in the state of Massachusetts and need to retest:

  1. a completed nurse aide testing and registration application form,
  2. a copy of your training certificate or other eligibility document, and
  3. payment in the form of money order or certified check.

The Nurse Aide Testing and Registration Form is your application to take tests that admit you to the MA Nurse Aide Registry. You are eligible to test indefinitely after completing an approved training program - your training does not expire.

If you believe that you are eligible to waive the nurse aide training requirement and test immediately you need to complete the nurse aide training waiver application. You may request a waiver of the training requirement to take the Massachusetts Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation if:

  • you successfully completed a clinical course in an approved school of nursing within the last two years, or
  • you successfully completed an approved nurse aide training course in another state within the last two years, or
  • you are currently employed by a long-term care facility AND with no interruption in employment greater than ten weeks, you were previously employed on a full-time basis as a nurses’ aide for one year out of the past three, or 100 days out of the last year, where you provided direct care services to the elderly in an institutional setting.

If you send incomplete information your paperwork will all be returned to you with an explanation so that you can provide all the required information and send the completed package again.

You may also contact the Massachusetts Nurse Aide Testing Office at (781) 979-4010 or at (800) 962-4337 with requests for applications for the nurse aide competency evaluation program or questions about scheduling the examination.