Where can I find the requirements for the CNA exam?

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asked in Certification by Leonor S.
I am a graduate of a nursing program in the Philippines. I am a bachelor of science in nursing degree holder, and I live currently here in California. I want to take the CNA test before challenging the NCLEX exam to be an RN. Which website can I find the requirements to take the test? I would appreciate it if you will get back to me ASAP.

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answered by Jasmine

Graduates of registered nurse programs in the United States do qualify to sit for the nursing assistant examination, but I am not sure what the process is for graduates of foreign RN programs. There are two applications that must be completed by nurse aide candidates in California. The first form is the Nurse Assistant and/or Home Health Aide Initial Application, and the second document is the Nurse Assistant Certification Exam Registration Application.

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answered by Joy

I think you may qualify for the exam without additional training as an equivalency-trained nurse assistant applicant. The Nurse Assistant and/or Home Health Aide Initial Application form states that if the applicant is presently enrolled in (or completed) a Registered Nurse, Licensed Vocational Nurse, or Licensed Psychiatric Technician program, or has received medical training in military services, or has received the above license(s) from a foreign country or U.S. state, the applicant may not have to take further training and may qualify to take the Competency Evaluation. You need to submit the following to ATCS:

  • The completed Nurse Assistant and/or Home Health Aide Initial Application - if approved, the applicant will be sent information regarding the Competency Evaluation.
  • An official, sealed transcript of training (students may substitute the transcript with a sealed letter on official school letterhead, listing equivalent training and the completion of at least the "Fundamentals of Nursing" course). The letter must include the completion date(s) of the training/courses and hours/units completed. If discharged from the military, a copy of the DD-214 can substitute for an official transcript. If seeking certification with the use of a foreign transcript, a copy of the foreign transcript may be acceptable.
  • Proof of work (pay stub or W2) showing the applicant has provided nursing or nursing-related services in a facility to residents for compensation with in the last two years (not required for current nursing students or if the college degree was obtained within the last two years).
  • A copy of the completed Request for Live Scan Services form.

You can contact the California Nurse Aide Registry at (916) 327-2445 or (916) 552-8811 for information about the forms or requirements.