Is there any benefit in becoming a CNA before going to nursing school?

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asked in Work by Mallory C.
I am a pre-nursing student. I have only two more classes left to take before I can start applying for nursing school. I have to wait a year until I can actually get accepted, and I was thinking about becoming a certified nursing assistant. This will allow me to get some experience under my belt before I begin the nursing program. Do you think it is a good idea, or should I just wait to start nursing school? The problem is that I want to obtain a job in the medical field, but no one will hire me because I do not have much experience. I have only worked at a dermatologist's office over the summer. I heard becoming a CNA and getting the experience, really helps you with clinicals in nursing school. Any information you can give me will be great!

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I think enrolling in a nursing assistant course is a great idea. You have one year before you begin a nursing program and this time will be used wisely if you work as a certified nurse aide. First of all you will learn the basic nursing skills required in the beginning of any nursing program, such as changing beds, giving a client a bath, assisting with other activities of daily living, repositioning, measuring and recording vital signs. You will be very comfortable interacting with clients and performing all these skills by the time nursing school starts.

This is a big advantage over other students which are not familiar with these concepts and skills. Completing a nursing assistant course will not only give you confidence, but will provide some income once you pass the CNA state exam and obtain a nurse aide job. You may choose to work part-time during nursing school as well, and you may do so at the hospital or facility where your clinicals are conducted. Overall, I think it will greatly benefit you to complete a nursing assistant class at this time.