Can a person with a misdemeanor become a CNA?

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asked in Certification by Sheila M.
I am currently fulfilling nursing prerequisites and I want to enroll in a CNA program, but I have a misdemeanor: Wet Reckless Driving (one gradient below DUI). Will this disqualify me from the program or job opportunity in the realm of nursing? Thank you for your time.

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answered by anonymous
Each state has a different set of rules regarding what is and what is not acceptable for licensing and certification It is difficult to give you specific information because you don't mention what state you are in. You need to contact the nurse aide registry and/or board of nursing in your state and ask them about your situation. Upon reviewing your information, they will let you know if you are eligible to become either a CNA or a nurse. When calling you might get an automated answering service. Be prepared to leave a clear message including your name, phone number, and your question so that someone may contact you later.

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