How can I transfer my CNA license from Europe to Georgia?

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asked in License by Nathalie V.
I am a French nurse assistant and I would like to move to Columbus GA next year. So, I would like to know what I have to do in order to be able to work as nurse assistant in the USA. I've learned that our European nurse assistant certificate is not the same as the American one, so maybe it needs an equivalence. Can help me to find out how and where I can do it in Columbus, Georgia? Thanks for your comprehension and for your help.

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answered by anonymous
A foreign educated CNA, looking to work as a nursing assistant in the United States, most likely has to complete a CNA training program and competency testing in the state of their choice in order to become certified. The best case scenario would be just having to challenge the CNA exam, but I am not sure that the state of Georgia would recognize training received in another country. The best advice is to call the Georgia Nurse Aide Registry, and ask them about your options regarding CNA certification, eligibility, and training.