How can I transfer my health care aid certificate from Canada to Texas?

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asked in Training by Nimishaben
I asked the registry and they said I need to sign up for a training program. My course was 4 months long and it is also from North America while the Texas CNA training course is only 5 weeks long. My training institution is Bow Valley College, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I would like to know why my course is not eligible for transfer.

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answered by Velma Lewis

You can only qualify for reciprocity if you are currently listed as having active status on the nurse aide registry in another US state that is in compliance with applicable federal laws. This is done in order to protect the public health, safety, and welfare through the safe practice of nurse aides. The required training and examinations are done so that standards of practice are met and that persons engaged in the practice of nursing are competent. CNA training programs and examinations from foreign countries do not meet these requirements and therefore do not qualify you for a waiver. If you want to become a CNA in Texas you have to take an approved training course and pass the exams.