How do I transfer my certification from Nevada to Texas?

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asked in License by Angelina S.
I am a certified nursing assistant in Nevada and I am moving to Texas.

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answered by Maria

To transfer your CNA certification from Nevada to Texas you need to complete the "Request for Entry on the Texas Nurse Aide Registry through Reciprocity" which you can find here. Complete the first section of this application and send it to the nurse aide registry for the state where you are currently certified as a nursing assistant. The Nevada nurse aide registry will send it back to you after it completes the second section of the application. When both sections of the reciprocity form have been completed you need to send it to the Texas nurse aide registry. Do not forget to attach all the required copies of documents along with your application. If your nursing assistant certification does not show an expiration date, then you must also complete the Employment Verification form and send it to the Texas nurse aide registry. Do not send this form if your certificate shows an expiration date.