How do I renew my expired license in Georgia?

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asked in License by Tracy S.
I am a CNA and I work in Tallahassee, Florida. I have been a CNA for about two years. I need to renew my CNA certification for Georgia, which has expired. Please help, I am trying to get a job in Georgia. What should I do?

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answered by anonymous
A certified nursing assistant in Georgia must renew her certification every two years. To renew your certification you need to fill out and submit a renewal application. The renewal application verifies that you provided a minimum of eight (8) hours of nurse aide related services for pay in the two years since your last renewal. I am not sure if the state of Georgia considers your work as a CNA in Florida acceptable for renewal of your certification.

You need to call the Georgia nurse aide registry and explain your situation. The registry may be contacted at (678) 527-3010 or (800) 414-4358. If your work as a CNA in another state counts toward recertification requirements in Georgia, then you may request a CNA renewal application, complete and submit the forms, and become recertified in Georgia. On the other hand, if the registry does not count your employment in Florida as valid for renewal of your CNA certification in Georgia, then your only option to recertify is by retaking the Georgia nurse aide competency examination.