Do I need to take the Maine certification exam again to renew my license?

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asked in License by Crissy
I have moved from Indiana to Maine and I let my CNA certification expire. Do I need to take the Maine certification exam in order to renew my CNA certification?

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answered by Joanna D.

You need to contact the Maine registry for assistance with this process. A CNA trained in another state (in your case Indiana) who wants to be listed on the Maine Nurse Aide Registry must submit an application form and other required documents before the Maine Registry takes a decision. Upon receiving the application and all the required documents, the registry determines your eligibility. Most likely you will have to challenge one of the following exams: the Maine CNA test, the bridge examination, or the test for non-traditional certified nursing assistants but you need to call the Maine Registry of Certified Nursing Assistants at (207) 624-7300 to make sure. The application for placement on the Maine CNA registry can be found here: Application for Placement for CNAs Trained Out of State.