Is there a way I can take the test without taking a whole class?

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asked in Certification by Michelle T.
I am currently working as a CCT (Critical Care Tech) at a local hospital. I would like to work as a CNA at a local nursing home part time. Is there a way I can take the test and get my certification as a CNA without taking the whole course? I work in Hall County, Georgia.

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answered by Grace
The state of Georgia requires the successful completion of a state-approved training program in order to challenge the CNA certification exam. You may not sit for the state test unless you complete a nurse aide course with at least eighty-five (85) hours of classroom and clinical instruction.
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answered by Victoria S.
No, all candidates must complete a state approved nurse aide training program and then successfully pass the Written/Oral and Skills State Competency Examination within one year of completing the program.