Can I take the Georgia exam without taking the class again?

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asked in Certification by Tamara M.
I took the CNA class at a Royston Georgia Nursing Home back in 1995. The name of the facility back then was Brown Convalescent Nursing Home it was associated with Ty Cobb Healthcare. I worked at that nursing home after I completed the class and got my certificate. So will this allow me to challenge the CNA test now?

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answered by Evelyn A.
According to the Georgia nurse aide registry rules and regulations, if your CNA certification has been expired three or more years from the date of your last recertification, then you must take another state approved training program in order to recertify. If it has been less than three years since your certificate was last renewed, then you are allowed to challenge the CNA exam to recertify.

From the date you posted I am assuming it has been more than three years. Unfortunately you do have to retrain and pass the competency examination once again. Since you have already been trained as a nurse aide, I would suggest completing a short course which will allow you to sit for the CNA exam as soon as possible. You might also ask about training at a facility you wish to work at and see if they do offer classes and reimbursement.