How do I get certified in Kansas if I have a CNA license in another state?

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asked in License by Valerie
I have a current Missouri CNA license and would like to know how to test out to get certified for the state of Kansas.
commented by Emma N.
Can I get a temporary CNA license in Kansas? I got my CNA license in Texas and then I moved to Kansas. I am going to request to transfer my license to Kansas but I don't know how long it takes or if there is any other way to get a Kansas CNA license.

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answered by Audrey S.

In order to be eligible to sit for the Kansas Nurse Aide Test, a candidate must be listed as current or active on any other State’s registry.

If you have NOT previously been a Certified Nurse Aide in Kansas, you need to complete the interstate application and attach the following:

  • copy of identification with current name and social security number (drivers license, social security card, picture ID)

  • non-refundable application fee of $20.00 (check, money order or certified check).

Return the interstate application form and attachments to Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (KDADS), Health Occupations Credentialing (HOC).

Once the department receives all required documents you will get an “Approval to Test” letter in the mail. This will allow a nursing facility to employ you as a Nurse Aide Trainee II for a single four-month period beginning on the initial approval date on the bottom of your Approval to Test letter. The trainee II period is one time only, and the initial approval will not change. You need to challenge and pass the state nurse aide exam to be eligible to work as a CNA after the four month period expires.

Nurse aide certificates are issued three to four weeks after the test date to those who achieve a score of seventy-five percent (75%) or higher on the nurse aide test.

The Kansas nurse aide test may be taken only one time based on certification in another state. Any candidate who fails the test on the first attempt must enroll in a Kansas state-approved nurse aide training course. You then have two remaining opportunities to pass the test within one year from the endorsement approval date designated on your approval letter.

You must contact the Kansas Nurse Aide Registry at 785-296-6877 for your certification status and the instructions above do not apply if you have previously been a Certified Nurse Aide in Kansas.