How long can you wait to take the exam after completing a training program?

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asked in Certification by Anna J.
A few years ago my daughter completed the CNA class and took the nurse aide certification test in Wisconsin. She passed the written test but failed the skills test. Unfortunately she never took the skills test to get her certificate. What does she have to do to complete this and get her nurse aide certification?

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answered by Brenda P.
According to the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry, if an individual has not passed both parts of the NNAAP Examination within one year from successfully completing a CNA training program, then she must successfully complete a new nurse aide training program and retake the test. An individual may retake the part(s) of the examination that they failed as many times as they wish within that one year time period. You may contact the Wisconsin Department of Health Services at 877.329.8760 or at 608.261.8319 if you would like to verify this information.