Can my CNA license be renewed if I only work in a hospital?

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I work in Michigan but I only worked in a hospital for the last two years and now its time to get my CNA certification renewed. I would like to know if my license can be renewed even though I haven't been working in a nursing home.
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What is your job title? Do you work as a CNA in the long term care unit of the hospital?

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answered by Mariah

You are eligible to renew your Michigan CNA certificate if you have worked:

  1. as a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA),
  2. performing nursing or nursing-related services,
  3. under the supervision of a licensed Registered Nurse,
  4. in a long term care setting,
  5. for pay,
  6. for at least eight consecutive hours,
  7. within the immediate 24-month period prior to your current registry document expiration date.

Your work must be verifiable and your renewal form must be signed by an R.N. who has directly supervised you performing nursing or nursing related services. You will not qualify for renewal if you did not work in a setting where your work has been periodically supervised by a licensed Registered Nurse who can sign the renewal form.

If you are not currently working as a nurse aide, you will be re-certified for two years beginning from the last day you worked as a nurse aide for an approved nurse aide employer. A letter from the employer verifying your last date of qualifying employment is required in this case.

Nursing assistants with employment restrictions on the registry for resident abuse, neglect, misappropriation of resident property or criminal record disqualifications are not eligible for certificate renewal.

If you have any additional questions as to whether or not you are eligible for renewal, you should resolve this issue before submitting your form by calling the registry at 800-752-4724. You will not get your processing fee back if you are not eligible for renewal.