Can a CNA certificate from Kansas be valid for use in Michigan?

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asked in Certification by Tina
I am a Michigan resident and I am taking a CNA course in Wichita, Kansas. Can this certificate from Kansas be valid for use in Michigan? If not, can I take a Michigan exam so as to make my training valid?

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answered by Jasmine


As of 2017, a certified nurse aide (CNA) must complete a training program and pass a knowledge and a clinical skills test in order to be registered and work in long term care facilities in Michigan. This requirement also applies to out-of-state applicants. In accordance with federal regulations, the State of Michigan requires all CNA applicants, including applicants that are currently trained and certified in other states, to complete a Michigan approved training course and pass the Michigan approved tests as well as verify that they are in good standing. You may contact the Michigan Health Facility Professional and Nurse Aide Section by email at or phone at 517-284-8961 to verify this information and for additional guidance.

You can challenge the Michigan CNA exam if you completed the training program within the last year of filing for a Michigan training exemption. For example you completed a training course in Kansas in 2015. You may file for exemption from training in Michigan no more than a year later, in 2016. Exam applicants who completed training in another state need to fill out an application for exemption from CNA training. Once this application is approved, you may take the Michigan nursing assistant competency exam to obtain certification.

The application is called "Request for Exemption from Nurse Aide Training". If you are already certified in Kansas you will need to send the "Verification of Nurse Aide Registration" form to the state where you are licensed and have them send verification of your certification. Make sure to read all the instructions, complete the applications fully, and send copies of the required documents.