How do I change my CNA certification from SC to GA?

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I was originally a working CNA in Kansas. I moved to South Carolina and was granted reciprocity on 03/18/2015 with an expiration date of 03/31/2017. I didn't work in South Carolina but in Georgia. Due to personal reasons I was unfortunately unable to utilize my certification in South Carolina. In fact, it was necessary for me to promptly move from South Carolina to Georgia with my elderly parents in April of 2015. During August and September 2015 I was blessed to be available when my aunt needed in-home overnight care. The details of needed care and all legal aspects of care and documentation of hours worked were under the direct supervision of a Registered Nurse in the state of Georgia. I am asking for reciprocity in Georgia so that I may obtain a certification in said state to avoid having to take the entire CNA certification classes again.

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answered by Melissa Anderson
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The reciprocity application requires verification of your most recent nurse aide employment under RN supervision within the past two years. The State of Georgia will not accept volunteer work.

You are required to list the current or last CNA employer within the past two years and the exact dates of employment. The employer’s complete name, address and phone number must be completed and you need to include one copy of the following as proof of employment: paycheck stub, W-2 form or letter from most recent CNA employer on employer’s letterhead listing job duties and dates of employment.

Private duty services must be under the general supervision of a LPN or RN and in this case you need to provide a notarized statement listing job duties and time frame worked from LPN/RN with the nurse’s signature and current license number. You also need to attach a copy of a check stub or W-2 form as proof of payment for nurse aide services.

You have to test as a reciprocity candidate if you are transferring from another state and your registry status is not expired, but have not worked as a nurse aide during the past two years (24 months) or you are listed on the registry as not eligible to work in a Long Term Care Facility.

You may apply for a listing on the Georgia Nurse Aide Registry by meeting all of the following requirements:

  1. You are currently listed on another state's Nurse Aide Registry with an active status and without discipline or encumbered status on file.
  2. You have no pending or substantiated findings of patient abuse, neglect, or misappropriation of resident or patient property recorded on any other state's Nurse Aide Registry.
  3. You have a valid, government-issued social security card with the name matching the registry listing in the state where you are certified.
  4. You have been employed as a Certified Nurse Aide for at least eight hours, for pay, under registered nurse supervision within the past two years of submitting the required information to Georgia.

The Georgia Nurse Aide Registry will verify registry status in the state that currently lists your name as a CNA. Upon state verification, the Georgia Nurse Aide Registry will evaluate the complete application, along with the state verification information before adding your name to the Georgia registry without taking the examination. The evaluation process takes a minimum of 14 business days but can take significantly longer if verification of registry status can’t be done online for your current certification state. You may call 678-527-3010 or 800-414-4358 if you need additional help or to obtain further information.