What do I need to do to transfer my CNA license to Idaho?

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asked in License by Alicia
I originally got my CNA license in Ohio then I moved to Nebraska and had it transferred. Now I’m living in Idaho close to the border of Washington. I decided it might be easier to get my license in Washington first and I was wondering what I would need to do to get my licensure in Idaho.

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answered by Jennifer Adams

You may contact the Idaho Nurse Aide Registry at 800-748-2480 to obtain a reciprocity form or simply print one from here and follow the instructions. Fill out the top portion of the form and then send it to the state you are transferring from in order for them to verify your status on their registry. They will then forward this form to the Idaho Nurse Aide Registry. There is no fee for this process. When transferring to Idaho from another state you are not giving up your current certification in your home state but instead you are simply adding Idaho as a state where you are certified. If you are not current in your home state and cannot renew your certification but are in good standing, you can obtain an "Approval to Test" letter allowing you to take both the skills and written tests to be placed on the nurse aide registry in Idaho.