Do I need to retake the class or just the test if my Kentucky license has expired?

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asked in License by Teresa
I got my Kentucky nursing assistant certification in my senior year in High School but I let it expire. Do I need to retake the nurse aide classes or do I just have to retake the test?

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answered by Sharon Ross
You can't renew an expired certification. If you can provide proof of a minimum of 8 hours of employment as a state registered nurse aide performing nursing or nursing-related functions for compensation in the previous 24 months then you can reinstate your status by challenging and passing the CNA exam. If this applies to you then contact the Kentucky Community and Technical College System at 1-877-528-2748 to select a test site and schedule your exam. If you have not worked as a SRNA in the last two years then you need to retrain and retest in order to recertify.

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