Can I challenge the exam or do I have to retake the training course first?

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asked in Certification by Desi
I attended nursing school about 8 years ago to get my associate degree in nursing. Due to family issues I was unable to finish. I could have challenged the CNA exam after my first semester but I did not. Could I go back and challenge it now, or would I have to retake the course? I am in Tennessee.
commented by Tammy
I received my CNA certification in 1989. I was told it does not expire and it does not have an expiration date on it. Since then I went to East Tennessee State University for four and a half years for my RN and I have 168 college credits but did not graduate. I  want to know if i can challenge the CNA exam or if I have to re-train.

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answered by Alisha S.

The registry states that students enrolled in a nursing program have the option to challenge the nursing assistant test In Tennessee as long as they show successful completion of the basic nursing fundamentals coursework and clinical experiences. Contact the Tennessee Nurse Aide Registry at (615) 532-5171 and ask if you might qualify in your current situation, even though you are not currently enrolled in a LPN or RN program. You may also call Headmaster, the company in charge of administering the CNA exam at (877) 201-0758.

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