How do I find out if I qualify to work as a CNA despite having a previous offense on my record?

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asked in Work by Michelle C.
I have been a CNA on and off since 1997. I just recently got recertified and found out that the state of Wisconsin changed the laws for which offenses disqualify people from working in this field. I was wondering if there is any way that I can get a review, so I will be able to work again. I have a close friend that needs help in home care and I am willing to do it, but if a background check is done I won't be allowed to help her. I need to find out ASAP, as she is getting out of the nursing home in less then a week. I would greatly appreciate it if I could get a phone number or an email address so I can find out what to do.

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answered by Sharon M.

To determine the employment eligibility of a nurse aide on the registry, query the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry. The Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry can be reached at (877) 329-8760 for help with any questions regarding your eligibility to work as a CNA. For general questions about the Wisconsin Caregiver Program, or caregiver misconduct reporting, call 608-261-8319.