Is there a way to have my name cleared through the Idaho registry?

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asked in Registry by Jane D.
There was a hold placed on me on March 2003. I have not had any kind of violations or convictions of any kind since then. The theft that is on my record is because I opened a wallet at a facility that I had found in a residents things that I knew not to be hers, I opened it and was sprayed with a purple powder and charged with petite theft even though the money was still in the wallet. This charge was many years ago. I am now married, with a family and not even in the same place in my life that I was then. I would be willing to be be on a probationary status for 2-5 years with no negative contact with any law enforcement agency. Also, I could arrange monthly letters from an employer to validate good standing with the company and any and all policies.

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answered by Adriana
Unfortunately we are not qualified to counsel you regarding the legal issues surrounding state certification. The best way to find out if your nurse aide status can be reinstated and if you can return to work as a CNA in the state of Idaho is by contacting the CNA registry and speaking with a representative. The Idaho Nurse Aide Registry can be contacted at 800.748.2480 or 208.334.6620.