Is it possible to hold a CNA certification in both Wisconsin and Minnesota?

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asked in Registry by Nicole
If it is possible, what is the process for gaining certification in Minnesota with the verification from Wisconsin?

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answered by Emily D.

Yes, it is possible. A CNA who is certified in Wisconsin and has been working as a nurse aide in another state may maintain employment eligibility in federally certified facilities by reporting her out-of-state employment to the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry. You should report any address changes to the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry so that a renewal notice can be sent to the correct address. To maintain active status on the Wisconsin registry, you have to complete and submit the certification renewal form every 24 months.

To keep your active status on the Minnesota nurse aide registry you must report your employment. You are required to work for a minimum of eight hours as a CNA, every 24 months to be listed as active on the registry. The work you perform has to be independent and orientation or training hours do not count towards the eight hour requirement.

The registry does not specify if work as a CNA in another state counts toward the certification renewal requirements but there is no reason it shouldn't. If you reside in a state other than Minnesota it is best to contact the registry and update your address. This way you will receive important reminders and documents from the registry at the correct address. You may contact the Minnesota Nursing Assistant Registry at 651-215-8705 or at 800-397-6124 and the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry at 608-261-8319 to make sure this is correct.

To transfer your Wisconsin license to Minnesota you have to complete the interstate endorsement application. You need to follow the instructions carefully since incomplete forms will delay the transfer and will be returned to you. When the application and all other required forms are received and verified to be correct, your name will be added to the Minnesota Nursing Assistant Registry and you will be notified by mail. It takes at least 30 days to process the application once it is received.